Was Jodha, Akbar’s wife? Read Here …

Jodha Akbar
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Yogesh Dubey 

Most of us, have misconception that that Jodha the Rajput princess was third Mughal ruler Akbar’s wife. But this was not true, as we have taught incorrect history, as Jodha was not wife of Akbar. She was the daughter-in-law of Akbar. She was wife of Akbar’s son Jehangir. Jehangir was populalry known as Salim and was the father of Shahjahan–who built Taj Mahal.

Now who is Akbar’s wife, this question disturbs us? The name of Akbar’s wife was Harka Bai/ Heer Kunwari, she was the daughter of the Rajput ruler Bharmal of Mewar. Harka Bai was given the title of “Jodh” for cementing the relationship between Rajputs and Moghuls. People use to call her, “Jodh”. Now, everyone thinks that Jodha Bai was the wife of Akbar.

While sharing his views on this issue an IAS aspirants, “We have one problem that we don’t read books of the good writer and prefer to read books that have wrong history.”

A tour guide in Agra, Atiq Akhtar said English writer VA Smith had mentioned Jodha as the wife of Akbar and because of that people have been associating Jodha and Akbar as husband and wife. He also narrated that TV and movies have also played an impromptu role in this misnomer. “Filmmakers have made films and serials based on incorrect facts,” he added.

Atiq added, she was born on October 1, 1542, in the royal family of Mewar king Bharmal. To save her father’s kingdom, she was married to the Moghul prince Akbar.  But, she was very pious lady and didn’t leave praying Lord Krishna. “One can see the fact at Fatehpur Sikri, where Akbar got constructed a separate palace for her. And Akbar allowed to construct temple to respect her and religion,” he added.

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